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    BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration

    This business trade qualification focuses on administrative roles that enable you to effortlessly support your team. It’s ideal for administration officers, bookkeepers, clerks, receptions, secretaries and similar careers.

    The standard training plan helps you develop impressive keyboarding speed and accuracy, serving as a precedent to your ability to produce business documents. The course teaches you how to organise schedules and workplace information, maintain a ledger, turn notes into text documents and create spreadsheets and electronic presentations. You also learn how to deliver and monitor services.

    There are currently no licensing, legislative and certification requirements for this qualification.

    diploma building and construction

    BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

    This qualification is if you want to advance your career as a contract officer, project administrator, project analyst or quality officer. It’s also ideal for when you plan to operate a small business. The course is for individuals who have no direct responsibility for the overall project outcome but who serve as major support for operations. The course also helps you support organisational or business activities.

    The standard training plan for this qualification shares techniques that streamline scope, time, cost, quality and risk management. You learn about HR management, project communication, project risk management and procurement procedures. You also learn to implement and monitor WHS policies for legal compliance.

    There are currently no licensing, legislative and certification requirements for this qualification.

    BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

    This qualification is ideal for individuals who plan to advance in enterprise and industry contexts. The course teaches you how to provide the leadership, guidance and support that your team needs so they can move in the right direction. You will learn how to deal with predictable and unpredictable situations.

    The standard training plan encompasses effective workplace leadership and relationships. It teaches strategic ways to implement operational plans and address customer concerns. You learn how to implement environmentally sustainable work practices and WHS policies and programs. The qualification also teaches future leaders how to develop clear work priorities and accurately report financial activity.

    There are currently no licensing, legislative and certification requirements for this qualification.

    cert iv work health and safety

    BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

    This qualification is suitable for team leaders, project leaders, project contract managers, project vendor managers and industry-specific project managers. It teaches you how to apply your project management skills and knowledge to real-life situations. You learn how to combine your theoretical knowledge base and your specialised competencies to initiate, implement and evaluate your work and the work of others.

    The standard training plan for this diploma course teaches you how to manage project scope, time, quality, costs and risks. You learn about human resources, communication and continuous improvement. You also learn about seamless project integration, sustainable workplace policies and professional development.

    There are currently no licensing, legislative and certification requirements for this qualification.

    BSBMB401 Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of Small Business

    This business trade certification teaches all the skills and knowledge required to identify and comply with business regulations. It’s available for small business operators. It’s also a requirement for subcontractors’ licence application. The qualification is otherwise called the QBCC Approved Managerial Course.

    This course helps you identify and implement business legal requirements. It helps you negotiate and arrange contracts. It makes it easier for you to identify and treat business risks. It also teaches you about compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements.

    There are currently no licensing, legislative and certification requirements for this qualification.

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