Recognition of
Prior Learning
(RPL) Course

Are you Skilled but not Qualified?

• Paid or unpaid work in Australia or overseas
• On-the-job training
• Other qualifications from Australia or overseas
• Community or voluntary work
• Hobbies, sport and leisure activities

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    What is RPL?

    Formal training isn’t the only way to get into the career of your choice. You can also qualify for a job based on skills and knowledge that you attained through informal learning. This includes work experience and informal training from previous jobs. These factors might just count towards a nationally recognised qualification.

    At Realistic Training Options, we provide Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL. This RPL training course and skills recognition assessment determines whether your knowledge, skills and experience are on the same level as formal qualifications. We provide skills recognition Australia-wide and overseas. As a result, you can shorten the length of time needed for additional studies. Or, you might not need further study at all.

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    Open the Doors to Employment Opportunities

    Formal qualifications make it easier for people to find job opportunities and establish their careers. But your trade skills are just as important. Our Brisbane training facility offers trade recognition so that we can have your relevant skills and knowledge recognised. This way, you won’t need to take a formal qualification course.

    There are various reasons for you to consider coming to us for RPL.

    You’ve been in an industry in one capacity and would like to advance your career.

    The skills and knowledge that you acquired from your previous job might give you a better understanding of the career path you want to pursue.

    You have previously signed up for a qualification course, but you didn’t complete it.

    If you only finished a year of your qualification course but still worked in the same industry, we might be able to arrange full or part qualification of your trade skills.

    You moved from overseas or you plan to move to Australia in the future.

    We can assist with trade recognition of migrants. But please keep in mind that this is still under the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

    If you fall under any of these categories, we gladly offer our RPL training course for you.

    Consider the Benefits of Our RPL Training Course

    There’s no need to sign up for a formal qualification course when you have the trade skills and knowledge that are required of your chosen career path. Our job at Realistic Training Options is to make sure you get proper recognition for the skills and experience that you have. Our RPL training course helps you in various ways.

    You save time and money on a formal qualification course.

    If you already have the skills that they teach in qualification courses, you don’t need to take them again.

    You get your qualification and advance your career sooner.

    It’s easier for you to prepare for a career change, secure a job or get a promotion through RPL.

    You can easily move from volunteer work to paid employment.

    Through trade recognition, you can easily prove that you’re just as qualified as people with certification.

    RPL is also a way to gain credits necessary to earn a university degree.

    Come to Us for Recognition of Prior Learning

    At Realistic Training Options, we are invested in your career and in your success. We carefully assess your past qualifications,
    industry knowledge and trade skills to help you receive a complete qualification. Enquire about RPL if you have trade background
    and relevant industry experience in Australia or overseas.

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