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Realistic Training Options
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Realistic Training Options delivers national training and assessment services to the Business, Civil, Mining and General Construction Industries. Heading our business is our CEO Steve Evelyn and a team of qualified industry trainers that range throughout Australia.

Realistic Training Options under the guidance of Steve has grown into a unique boutique training organisation that trains, assesses and supports some of the Nation’s largest Builders and Civil Operations. We take pride in delivering real training outcomes, giving students, Trainees and Apprentices the knowledge, skill and confidence to achieve the goals of their employer’s, whilst having the highest standard of safety in the day to day operation of their business.

We understand that workers in these industries were never meant to be boxed into a classroom environment. What makes Realistic Training Options different is that 90% and even up to 100% of our training and assessment is carried out on the construction site with our model of distance, online, face-to-face and one-on-one contact. We ensure that Employers are not disadvantaged by losing their workers for days at a time if this is required.

Our scope of courses means we can tailor and integrate our courses to reflect the policies and procedures of each individual client/company, so we deliver training that is current, realistic and relevant. Realistic Training Options also has a trusted position within the National Training Framework having been granted user choice funding for several Certificate III courses and working closely with Employers and Industry Groups alike.

With solid relationships within a select group of other Professional Training Organisations, Realistic Training Options has the capacity to deliver a wide range of courses and provide an unparalleled service to all our Associated Industries.

For those people requiring higher Qualifications we offer Certificate IV’s in Building and Construction, Training and Assessing, Workplace Health and Safety, Project Management and of course Diplomas’ of WHS, Building and Construction, Project Management just to name a few.

At Realistic Training Options, we realise the quality of our students reflects the quality of our training and we have chosen to deliver quality over quantity. We relish and respect the partnerships we form with our clients, promising much and deliver more. Our aim is to become a trusted, integral part of our client’s operations and we want our clients to always know we work in their best interest to help meet their obligations under the act and support them wholeheartedly in their duty of care to their employees which are our trainees and apprentices.

The standard to which we achieve these lofty goals is reflected by the genuine recommendations of our clients to their peers and the amount of repeat business we generate as a result of our dedication and service.

Who We Are


CEO of Realistic Training Options

Stephen has a passion to build a company that is driven by Quality and Ethics.

Stephen has extensive experience in the construction industry and business, thus when he joined the Training community he started his pathway to where we are today. Steve has worked as a trainer, a business development officer and compliance officer. Steve’s passion is in writing resources and learner guides for training.

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