Refund Policy


To provide for appropriate handling of clients' payments and to facilitate refunds in the case of cancellation by either party. The refunds process will allow clients the option to disengage from training in a manner in which a negative impact may be negated or reduced, depending upon notification time frame.


This policy covers all fees payable for training services provided within Realistic Training Options scope of registration.


The following reflects Realistic Training Options refund process:

  1. An initial deposit for any Qualification is to be made to confirm a position for the consultation process nominated by the client
  2. Payment is to be received in full prior to commencement of the process.
  3. If clients wish to transfer to another qualification, certain criteria may need to be required before changing scope
  4. If clients wish to cancel, then greater than 7 working days' notice must be given
  5. If a client commences a qualification consultation process, but does not complete the course, the full fee is still payable
General Rules
  1. Refunds must be requested in writing.
  2. The CEO will process refund requests within 14 working days from the day of receipt if approved
  3. All requests for refund will be processed on an individual basis, taking into account impact on the process stated.
  4. The term "commencement" in this policy refers to the first day of the first sign up or consultation has commenced by the client.
  5. Issues with regard to payment are to be handled at the first available opportunity and directed to the CEO

There will be a nominal fee of administration costs and interview costs to be made by the client. (The amount of $600 is non-refundable)

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