Government Funded Programs

What is Government Funding?

At both state and federal level, government commitment to upskilling the Australian workforce has resulted in a comprehensive framework of funding schemes and incentive opportunities. As a result, many Upskilled participants find that their courses are heavily subsidised.

Why do these Incentive and Funding Opportunities Exist?

High quality skills learning at certificate level is widely acknowledged as integral to maintaining and increasing Australia's competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

Given that enhancing the productivity of the Australian workforce through Learning & Development is a key responsibility of government, a range of complementary Commonwealth and state-based schemes now serve to fund or subsidise the upskilling of employees across all industries.

Available Government Funding Schemes


Funding is generally restricted to Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or NZ Passport holders with more than 6 months' residence. Beyond this, eligibility requirements differ between schemes, with varying degrees of detail and complexity. For this reason, Please check the eligibility criteria for the individual programs listed to see if you are eligible to receive government funded training

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